white on white on white outfits

I have been wearing pretty much all black since I was 16.

I'm 23 now, so you can do the math. it was never really restricting to me and it's just what I feel most comfortable in, most like myself. I think the whole #allblackeverything movement you see on social media is quite ridiculous but whatever floats your boat I guess. I just like my outfits to be all one colour, that's pretty much much my only criteria. I always shied away from white, but found myself buying more and more pieces in plain white lately. for myself I don't really like to mix black and white too much, so I tried some full on white outfits, I hope you like them! 

first outfit: bomber jacket from alpha industries, turtleneck missguided, jeans acne studios, shoes adidas stan smiths.


second outfit: shirt from asos, skirt from misguided,  tights topshop (similar colour), shoes from jennie ellen.

third outfit: cap from hittheroadjaques, shirt from asos, jeans acne studios, shoes converse.

fourth outfit: shirt comme des garçons via doverstreetmarket, skirt missguided, bomber jacket opening ceremony new york (sold out), shoes converse.