vervoordt x yeezy

the future of design lies in collaborations.


"I don't want to be the best anymore"

I’ve been a long time follower of axel vervoordt’s designs.

he is the master of simplicity, but the kind that doesn't feel cold and impersonal. he also is known to love imperfections, he once said that “leaving something incomplete makes it interesting and gives the feeling that there is room for growth”, which I absolutely love. 

I also highly recommend vervoordts’s book “stories and reflections”, in which he tells dozens of stories about the friends, artists, colleagues and clients who have influenced him throughout his life. the book is insightful, yet doesn't lack humour.


vervoordt happens to be the interior designer (even though he doesn’t like to be referred to as interior designer) for kim and kanye’s home in calabasas, as well as long term friend and collaborator of mr. west. I'm pretty sure that all yeezy seasons are influenced by vervoordt's colour palettes and designs.


 I’m subscribed to yeezy’s newsletter, not for the drop of new hype beast sneakers, but every once in a blue moon they send out something really good.  in the midst of kanye’s return to twitter and the announcement that he’s working on a philosophy book, I get an email titled “kanye west interview: a conversation with artist and designer axel vervoordt”. I knew at the time I was too busy to fully understand what kanye was saying (for a yeezy monologue you have to be fully present to get his point), so I saved it for another time. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 15.09.56.png


this morning I grabbed an iced coffee and took the 20 minutes out of my day to read the conversation of two geniuses. I know kanye isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I’ve been a die hard fan of his since I can remember and would love it if more people actually read between the lines of what the man is doing and saying. anyways, I loved the interview between the rapper/designer and the 70 year old berlgian interior designer who come from such different worlds and are connected by the same love for aesthetics so thought I’d share. you’re welcome.

read it here