why you should start thrifting

in a time where everything (a cappuccino at your local coffee shop, your rent, your education) is becoming more expensive, how come clothing is getting so much cheaper? at whose cost?






"thank you! I got it from the charity shop for $5."







first things first. budget - friendliness. if you’re balling on a budget (or at least trying to), why would you waste your precious money on a forever21 item that breaks within a few wears? you have to think long term; even if you’re not going to keep your clothes forever, a second hand item is something that you can most likely re-sell again if you get bored of it. but no one’s going to buy your broken missguided top….

the same goes for luxury pieces such as handbags. the price of designer fashion has increased precipitously over the last decade. in 2003, Carrie Bradshaw’s famous Manolo Blahniks cost $485. exactly ten years later, the same style is $755, a 56 percent increase. when I grew up, the bag of all bags was a classic Chanel flapback bag, around €2.000, now it costs three times that much. buying retail price nowadays is just stupid, unless you're swimming in cash. the majority of my designer items are thrifted (some of them even from re-selling websites like ebay). 



uniqueness. don’t worry about rocking up to the club and spotting a person wearing the same thing as you, very unlikely to happen when you’re wearing a 90’s shirt you got off of eBay! you’ll own something that no one in your circle owns. thrifting really helped me develop my personal style. it also offers so much more variety than high street fashion (which is just copying runway fashion). you'll find items that simply don't exist in mainstream retail.

someone rich enough to  buy an entire runway look from chanel doesn't really impress anyone anymore. someone that found a 90's raf simons coat in the back of a thrift store and is pairing it with comme des garçons shoes they got for $30 is a different story.... simply money can't buy style! you do not have to wear a million bucks to feel a million bucks. I feel the best at fashion events when I think all these people around me waste so much money to impress other people while my outfit cost me a combined hundred euros and I still look good. 


can't copy this.

as kanye said,

damn, they don’t make em like this anymore.


reducing waste. you know damn well your cheap items won't last and will end up in the trash because you can't even donate them. in the US alone, more than 15 million tons of used textile waste are generated each year. don’t be a part of the fast-fashion cycle! according to greenpeace, global clothing production doubled from 2000 to 2014. the average person buys 60 percent more items of clothing every year and keeps them for about half as long as 15 years ago, generating a huge amount of waste. social media is a huge factor for that increase, we need a new outfit for every event, otherwise we can't post our picture, which is bullshit. 






      use me.


      re-use me.



the joy of shopping second hand. no really. buying a jeans from h&m is about as exciting as going to the dentist. for me, browsing through a charity shop and finding the perfect pair of levis that is already broken in- is priceless. clothing items found thrifting get much more of a emotional value for you than the items you put in your online basket, because they are one of a kind. you’ll also treat them with more care; if they break, you can’t just buy another pair. all of my favourite clothing pieces as well as bags have been thrifted, especially the designer items.

if you shop at zara for example, everything you see is mediocre. the only time your heart rate goes up is when you see how bad you look in their changing room lighting. in a thrift store however, the clothing ranges from 'what the fuck is this' to 'this is everything I ever wanted in a clothing item', aka much more exciting. 





letting social media tell you

that you need new clothes every week. 

now I'll let a real expert tell you why to change your shopping behaviour :) watch this! very inspiring.