home inspiration

no, still no big reveal of me new home! I'm sorry. it's just not quite done yet. 

not that I'm the biggest perfectionist, it's just the first home that I had full control over. I moved out of my parent's when I was 16, and have been living with roommates ever since. in terms of interior design, that means compromise. (actually it means IKEA, let's be honest)

the reason I'm still not done furnishing my new berlin home is that I had to come to the realisation of how freaking expensive nice home decor and furniture is. a way more expensive hobby than fashion. sad. because I wanted design, and not ikea, with my budget that meant spending hours on auctions. I understand that used furniture isn't for everyone, but I have absolutely no problem with vintage. so I've come to terms with the fact that it's going to take a while until I'm fully happy. nevertheless, I thought I'd share some of the images out of a huge folder on my phone called "home inspo"; images I found on tumblr, instagram and pinterest which I saved for inspiration. the biggest inspiration were actually my grandparents. I have very limited images of their various apartments (which I don't want to share for privacy reasons bc they are sacred to me), but vivid memories from my childhood. when you grow up, your grandparent's furniture is the opposite of modern. however, as everything comes back in fashion + furniture, I had come to really appreciate their mid-century furniture. so pretty much the inspo for my home was: what would grandma do?

here are the various images that inspired me, I'm hoping they'll help you out, too.

let me know what you think!