SS/18 shows

since I'm flat hunting/moving this month, I just got to do london fashion week this season (I know.. life is SO hard for brendahashtag) but have to watch the rest of the action from my couch. tbh it's actually more comfortable and stress free, since I don't have to change out of my sweatpants (lol I've turned up to shows in sweats who am I kidding) and there's generally more snacks involved. 


while I studied fashion journalism at central saint martins, we always had to write show reports. but the most important things weren't the actual runway looks. we paid attention to the music, wether or not the heels seemed uncomfortable, what makeup the models were wearing, who was casted (diverse or white-washed?), who sat in front - row and who clapped the loudest. here are some of the shows that are a MUST watch. 

remember what I said about the uncomfortable shoes (*cough* alexander wang ...)

any favourites?


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