the lantern bag

 love my instagram explore page. 

even if the whole “tracking your every single move” - thing is quite terrifying, since I am quite active on there, instagram seems to know exactly what I love and recommends me the best content. so not only do I find amazing pictures on there that inspire me, I also find independent brands with innovative design. that’s how I found mloye. 




I have never seen such pretty bags. extremely minimalistic, yet extravagant, edge cutting design.

the designer behind the brand, meb rure, comes from an industrial design background; she was a furniture designer before she started mloye, a collection of structural handbags. 

I am always on the hunt for the perfect bag. the one that I can wear black trousers with a simple top with and it will immediately change my outift. I want a statement bag, yet I don’t want a big label on it. I want the design to speak for itself. and that’s exactly what all of her bags do. 




behind MLOYE.

how did Mlouye come about? 

"as an Industrial Designer, I always feel that there is a compromise between function and aesthetic in fashion. I believe that we can make difference and create well-thought products serve both. We started the business with only two designs in 2015. Just in time in 2015, a political crisis occurred in Turkey. Factories, where the well-known European luxury brands manufactured, begin to lose their big customers. At that point, we were lucky and as J.F. Kennedy said “The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word 'crisis.' One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity." We recognised the opportunity and convinced one of the best factories in the country to work with u.s. 








what draws inspiration for Mlouye bags? 

"Simply everything.
From new habits to cultural routines we observe people's behavior. Modern or traditional, everything could help to create something new." 

what are the traits of a Mlouye customer? 

"They mostly have design and art background. They have an aesthetic sense. They know the what's going on in the world, they travel."

what made you choose the name Mlouye?

"It is a made up word.
We wanted a business name that was unique and unlike anything else in the market. We thought that a 'meaningless' name will come to mean something and become synonymous with what we do. After hours of brainstorming and scribbling session and tons of options "Mlouye" was the result.
It is just what we intend, it sounds and looks strange yet beautiful."


strange yet beautiful.









go find the bag here

all pictures taken by beyza yildirim