nyc "vlog"

i've been thinking about doing these little types of videos weekly.

here's a fraction of new york city through my eyes-

still to this day my favourite city to visit, mainly because it doesn't feel like a visit. once I've landed I get transported back into the memories of living there and it feels like home again. I could forever wander the streets alone without getting lost, and oddly while I do I always run into people I know and it makes this giant city seem like a village. 

I really,

really do.

let me know what you think!

until next time, nyc!

I'm going to upload a separate post this week including most places that are included in the video. I've been asked to upload a "what to do in nyc" post since I'm there twice a year, but I feel like with a city like new york it would never do it justice... so I bullet proof list will never exist on my part:) but stay tuned XXX