hangover shades


just like a gin needs some tonic, a hangover and a good pair of sunglasses go hand in hand for me. here are the ones for those CVS runs to get some advil, or when you absolutely can’t cancel brunch because your friend got a table at that one place and he or she would kill you. here are 4 shade - ideas for ranked hangover types, from slight headache to I'm going to die. 



stage 1 hangover. 

slight headache, dry mouth, little sensitive to sun. to be fair it's not the worst. you’re going for a coffee run and wouldn't DIE if you ran into someone because you still look human-like. like you, just a little worse than normal. shades are needed, but last night’s mascara still looks kinda good so you go for a clear “I have nothing to hide” - frame. ironically, this model is called mouth wash


soo good to see you. 

get "mouth wash" here.

stage 2 hangover. 

okay, you definitely need something that covers bigger areas of your face, round shades that hide the dark circles under your eyes. still go with a clear frame, no one will judge you for leaving it on indoors. 



don't talk to me.

get them here

stage 3 hangover. 

can’t face the sun, can’t smell any alcohol, need avocado toast asap. get a little pattern in there to distract from your dirty hair, maybe something bright, marble? in case you run into anyone do not worry- the sunnies are mirrored which means they’ll just check themselves out in the reflection.

get them  here . 

get them here

and sometimes, for when we really out-do ourselves....


stage 4 hangover.

this is bad. a little marble pattern won’t do it. we need shades that make people question wether or not this is actually you. for that, they need to cover not only your eyes, your under eye bags, but also your eyebrows. you need to transform into another person to not be recognised, or worse, approached by anyone. meet your perfect incognito shades.







get them here. 

last but not least, you could also....


go with a very subtle look and just wear them all at once. 





(drink responsibly)

also you don't really need a hangover situation to wear or buy these I'm just making up excuses for you so you have a reason to treat yourself you're welcome bye 

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