food industry films you have to see

I have started this blogpost about fifteen times but was never quite happy with my outcome. 


please keep an open mind

and open heart. 

I am a vegan. I have been eating a fully vegan diet for over three years now, and it has been nothing but positive for me. I have never felt better, slept better, had better skin, was less anxious, had more energy, was calmer and just happier than the last three years and I think my diet plays a huge role in that. 

the thing I hear most from friends or acquaintances is the “but you’re chill, not like other vegans, the aggressive kind”. and they mean that in a nice way, I know that, but I still take a bit of issue with that, as I know where the “aggressive” vegans are coming from. 

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just a 


once you make the connection of how awful animal consumption really is, seeing the scale of it, seeing how the governments, the pharmacy industries are making money from not only killing animals, but from their unhealthy nations (sick people make the industry more money), it is very hard to be “chill” about it. but I do know from experience that showing people the positive side of veganism is more effective than showing them the negative side of meat consumption, that’s why I am “chill”. 


I try not to judge anyone on what they’re eating, the only thing I would hope is that you try and be as educated on the food industry as you can. knowledge is power. 

I remember it was 2010 when our economics teacher made us watch the film “food inc”, it changed my life (sounds dramatic, I know), so I think the best thing I could do is recommend my favourite films that show you behind the facade of the industry that wants anything but the best for us. if you can’t watch these because you think these are “brainwashing” or you can’t handle seeing these animals’ living conditions BUT you can eat them.. I don’t want to step on your toes but I urge you to rethink:) these documentaries don’t force you to become vegan, they are trying to show you the truth about the food industry, we simply can’t deny the horrifying health statistics of our nations.



first of all, my favourite video of all time. I know the title and video cover look so cheesy, but trust me it’s not:) it's both educating but also entertaining to watch. PLEASE take the time <3


on to the documentaries 

that want to show you what you're not supposed to see

a few trailers...

first off, the one that changed my views forever. I have been on and off vegetarian my whole life, and when I watched this I was back to eating meat. I was 18 and in high school (a boarding school) and simply gave in to peer pressure. watching this wasn't shock therapy, it was seeing how the food industry is, bluntly put, fucked, and how a few giant companies rule the entire market with no regards for the environment - or even our health, just out for money. 

a few more good ones: 

you don't have to watch them all at once, but it would make me so happy if you gave them a try when you find some time!


and you should, too!