reflective earrings

it was only last month that I found out my childhood fantasies about magpies is a complete lie.

I grew up with fairytales about magpies being attracted to shiny things, especially jewellery, and still believed that these birds are out to steal my belongings. I often even compared myself to them as I myself am attracted to anything shiny, wether it be highlighter or lipgloss. but apparently it’s a myth after all.  however, I am still in love with anything reflective- my newest obsession are earrings, and I think I found the perfect pair.


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IMG_6784 2.JPG

maslo jewelry is a product line focused on creating simple, but statement pieces of jewelry. nicole maslowski founded the brand in 2003 after finishing her studies in graphic design and realizing she wanted to work with her hands to create something tangible. every piece is made, by hand, in her richmond, VA studio.

and because I still get asked- my highlighter is the haloscope stick highlighter from glossier.