if you weren't aware, summer's here. 

aka I'm sweating

and it's way too hot for a full face of makeup

and if you don't want to cover up your flaws - distract from them. genius, I know. like a crow , I get distracted by shiny things very easily. so I'm hoping everyone around me will just get distracted by my glowing cheeks, artificially created by the glossier face highlighter. 

here's the full rundown of my face:

cheeks; cream blush "cloud paint" in colour puff (the pinkest one)

cheekbones; "haloscope" highlighter in quartz 

brows: "boy brow" in black 

lips and eyelids: clear lipgloss

and I completely get that for some, minimalistic makeup isn't enough. I just want to remind you that no one other than you notices your spots and pimples, your friends, your family, they look into your eyes, look at your mouth while you're talking. be a little braver and wear less:)

sadly, they still don't ship to europe, but they are many services you can opt for that provide shipping for a little extra cost. 

a little inspo: