about last month

it's the 30th of march.

11AM, hamburg, my flight to NYC leaves in exactly 24 hours. I should be packing. actually I should be unpacking because I haven't really unpacked my suitcase from when I got to germany yet which is unfortunate. so basically I'm procrastinating, looking through the pictures on my phone, because why would I be packing. and while deleting a few hundred unused selfies, I just thought to myself what a great last few weeks I've had and that I should do a little roundup for myself to not forget about march 2017. 

I finished the first out of three terms of my MA degree at central saint martins. it's everything I had hoped it would be, even better actually. the uni is fucking amazing. the people are great, I'm already kind of behind on all of my assignments but it's chill. not sure how I managed to be known as the lazy one that you can't ask about dates and timetables within the first month but I'll take it. 

most beautiful piece by tom guy basically what I want to wear if I ever get married.  @iamtomguy

most beautiful piece by tom guy basically what I want to wear if I ever get married. @iamtomguy

I'm not going to bore you with any fashion events that I went to that no one cares about, but the MA csm fashion show was by far the best show I've ever seen. 

got very wine drunk during paris fashion week with my new york baby anrosa <3 long distance friendships can suck but it's even more special when we see each other. can't believe it's been only two years since I met her when I moved to nyc, yet again I can't believe it's already been two years if that makes sense. 

I bought the raf simons ozweego bunny. I wrote about artificial scarcity as a marketing tool to create hype in my BA dissertation and you think knowledge is power but clearly it works on me just as well. the shoes were sold out in london and then I went to the broken arm just for a browse in between shows and there they were. in my size. last pair. I couldn't afford dinner that night but priorities you know? 

saw my forever girl crush BANKS in london. we were late to the concert because we drank cheap beer outside of the venue and then had to push through the crowds to see her. the girls behind us absolutely hated us but luckily we were too drunk to care. last time I saw BANKS was almost two years ago in new york so just imagine me singing my heart out over a bae that I don't have. 



after the concert we decided it was time to drink some more (it's also why I don't drink often, when I do, I can't just have ONE drink). the pub had the most amazing bathroom I have ever seen and me and my friend kristina had in impromptu photoshoot. please. look. at her hand in the mirror. love you K for trying to concentrate to get the perfect IG shot for me while drunk off cheap beer. 

saw jamie xx do his thing in brixton and I just remember thinking "the queue to the bar is so long we might as well get a few more beers so we don't have to go again". then I remember my hangover. 

jacket by opening ceremony, pants bogner fashion.&nbsp;

jacket by opening ceremony, pants bogner fashion. 

left london for germany and finally got some fresh air. did not fall once. also I know that wearing all white in the snow is super dangerous in case I go missing but trust me the way I ski isn't that exiting I just hop down the mountains a few times and then lay in the sun for the rest of the day (with SPF 50 because I don't like getting a tan). 


acting super natural as always. 

8am w  VIVI

8am w VIVI

then I drove to berlin and it was kinda weird being back there after more than three months. I lived there for four years and was getting sick of it, but being back did remind me why I love this damn ugly place. this pictures was taken in the AM after berghain, I'm wearing my sweatpants around me shoulders and my car keys on a chain around my neck so idk what was going on, really. 


best couch in town. I think going back to a place the first time after moving away is the hardest so now that I've been I think I'll be doing a few weekend trips to B this summer. 

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pretty much my life summed up atm. I'm going to unpack and repack now. 

talk soon 


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