I met designer roni ilan to talk about her newest collection

my favourite part about writing isn't the actual writing -  part.

it's the interview. getting to know someone in such a short time, meeting them with a tight agenda in mind of what I have to cover, what secrets I want them to tell me and then, within the first few sentences changing everything I had planned because the person in front me has a lot more to talk about than I had imagined, and the picture I painted of them in my head never matches up with their reality. it's mostly way better. 

roni ilan SS17

roni ilan SS17

I was invited to roni ilan's house in east london to talk about the ideas behind her latest collection. I have seen her lookbook, and in my mind I had a perfectly outlined interview on how her collection is so wonderfully gender neutral. a few minutes into the interview, turns out that gender doesn't even really cross roni's mind while designing, that just comes natural. what I found out about her collection then was a lot more sincere and personal.

above is my favourite picture of her lookbook. man and woman. she's wearing black, he's wearing white. she's comforting him, rather then him standing behind her. I saw the picture before even knowing about the concept behind her collection and loved it already. 

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