watch virgil abloh's lecture at columbia university

"the name off-white feels wrong - so that felt right. it’s not a brand, it’s a playground." 


what did he learn learn at university? how did the yeezus album come about? what is the meaning behind off-white? why did pyrex stop? if off-white is for the youth- why is it so expensive? is college education still relevant? is he collaborating with nike? what is next? abloh answers all in an incredible talk to architecture students of colombia university. I highly, highly suggest watching this with a pen in hand, all 100 minutes of it. find some quotes below. 

"I don’t look what a designer is supposed to look like, I don’t come where I am supposed to come from."

"it’s easier to be a critic, than to produce work." 


"I thought art was just something rich people had."

"you don't have to be a designer to be a designer."

"irony is a tool for modern creativity - there’s a reason why we all probably look at 60 memes a day. modern culture thrives on the ironic." 


"young architects can change the world by not building buildings." 


"design brands have a tremendous ability to communicate a larger message without even putting it to the forefront."

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