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I get so many questions concerning my education that I thought I'd list a few things on here so I can just refer anyone back to this in case they ask (aka this is pure laziness). I'm not mentioning alllll of my internships because that would take me hours. there is never a straight path and it took me years to figure out what I wanted to do in life. 

I went to normal high school in hamburg, germany (actually in germany there are several types of schools depending on your grades in elementary school - I went to one that prepares you to attend higher education aka university afterwards). my grades were pretty average, meaning good in the subjects that interested me, such as arts, politics, english and fucking horrible in the ones that I didn't really care about. school was never easy for me, as I was incredibly lazy. I'd spend hours on tumblr and copied my homework last minute before the teacher came to collect it. I just had so many other interests and often I think my parents were really worried. my high school had a tough reputation, it was a private catholic school with tons of strict rules. I always barely passed. I was quite popular in high school but only really had like two close friends and honestly didn't like that many people in my school. 


I was a troublesome teenager and at the age of 16 all I wanted to do was go abroad and learn english, since I wanted to see the world and already sensed that speaking english was going to be important to me. because I was such a little shit, my parents were quite glad I wanted to go abroad. I moved to the U.K. by myself at 16 to go to boarding school. one of the most valuable experiences of my life. not only did little spoiled me see a little bit more of the real world (and what it's like to not instantly be popular), I also made some amazing friends that I have traveled the world with ever since. I went to a boarding school about an hour away from london so obviously there was lots of partying with fake ID'd involved. I did the first year of a-levels and my favourite subjects were photography and business studies, and really the first subjects that kinda moulded my interests for future careers. I went away to that school because life wasn't that easy at home (I made it hard for myself), but it turned out to be one of my best decisions. if I didn't move out at 16 I don't think I would be where I am now.

after my year abroad I attended boarding school louisenlund in the north of germany were I finished my I.B. diploma, since I wanted to continue to study in english. so basically ever since I was 16 I wasn't taught in german anymore (which sometimes you can tell...). it was a really fucking fancy school but I had the best time there. I had an amazing english teacher who made us watch the best films and I had to read "bell jar" and "how to kill a mockingbird" and they both had a huge impact on me. also loved studying economics. I passed my diploma, but it wasn't quite good enough to study in germany so I had to re-take maths to get a better grade, which meant an entire summer filled with revising and it sucked. at that point I only had a vague idea of what I wanted to do with my life, career wise. I did an internship in advertising in berlin, and then in london (first time living by myself in london without roommates it felt cool af) and then another one in hamburg. luckily I passed my maths exam and could think about universities. 


I only looked at and applied to one university and luckily they accepted me right away. I moved to berlin and started studying media and communication management (which had absolutely nothing to do with fashion). berlin was the city were I really found myself. the BA was pretty easy for me overall, it took 3 years. I still loved business studies and marketing. still very happy I have a foundation in business, which is always incredibly helpful.  I also started my instagram account the same year I started studying, and finally thought about making my interested in fashion into a career. started working in retail and I recommend anyone that wants to work in fashion to at least do one year of retail, it's so insightful and you understand the industry so much better. in 2015, I moved to new york for 7 months to work for a fashion pr agency and it was one of the best times of my life honestly. I think that's also where, finally, I had some sort of plan for my future. I loved public relations but after uni I really wanted to work in the media, producing content. so I moved back to berlin and finished my BA degree. I spend the entire summer of 2016 writing my dissertation, about the business of "hype", where I interviewed tons of inspiring people (such as virgil abloh, who I just messaged on Instagram since he followed me), and got a straight A for it. 

just before graduating, I booked flights to attend the opening day at central saint martins. besides my parents I think only 2 people knew I went. I honestly was not the perfect candidate for the course. but my CV looked really good because my dad urged me to use every school holiday for internships so by that summer I had a lot of experience in various fields. still, I thought I had zero chance of getting in (I have an entire blogpost about my acceptance story on here!). but I did, and so I moved to london in january 2017 and started my masters degree in fashion communication and journalism. it was one of the best decisions ever and to get to attend the university of my teenage dreams (hello, little jenny from gossip girl went to central saint martins after her iconic break down), still seems a bit surreal to me. and here I am, about to graduate next week:) I think this is the end of my educational career, I most definitely am not the candidate for a phd. 

that's all!

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