artist to watch: shantell martin

art to me mostly becomes interesting with a personal reference. I was browsing youtube the other day and came across an artist whose art I've seen somewhere before but couldn't quite pin down where. it definitely wasn't in a museum. I scrolled through my Instagram feed for nearly an hour until I remembered: it was september 2015 and I attended my first new york fashion week, where shantell martin covered an entire wall of the nyfw location downtown. back then, I had no idea who she was, but I remember standing in front of that wall for so long that I missed a show, because my eyes were wandering along the black lines she had drawn and I was absolutely fascinated. to be fair, I never tried to find out who the artist was and kind of forgot about it - until I recognised her art again this week in a youtube video I randomly watched. here is part of the wall I was staring at: 


trust me, this image doesn't do it justice. 

anyways, I found her! without having looked for her, I mean. maybe she found me? she has a youtube channel and I think you should watch the video where she shows you through her studio: 

I think it's an interesting perspective to see words as lines. with a career that started as a VJ in japan, she moved to New York in 2008, where she has grown into her self-described style that is "a meditation of black and white lines...a language of characters, creatures and messages."


I wouldn't hesitate to cover my entire home in her lines. 


here is her instagram! XXX

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