my favourite runway looks - men’s fashion week paris

I just got back from men’s fashion week in paris (which you’ve probably already figured out by the title) and thought I’d share my favourite looks with you.

I always prefer the men’s fashion weeks over women’s, mainly because the whole atmosphere is a lot more chill. there are less shows, meaning less running around the city trying not to miss a show (fomo) and more time to actually soak up what’s happening around you. another plus obviously are the ridiculously hot men, both on and off the runway. however, what seems to have changed is the general gender segregation that has been happening for decades, even centuries. I’ve seen more and more women on the men’s shows and think it’s dope- because who needs clothes that are just made for one gender. I certainly don’t, as the men mostly get the better sweatpants and hoodies and I’m not really seen in a dress ever. 


so heres my list! 

juun.j always, always, always killing it. loved the full leather outfits and thick knitted sweaters. I would wear pretty much all of the looks from the show, tone in tone just never gets old to me. 

ann demeulemeester. so simple but so good. loved the layering and again, the genderlessness of all looks. 

streetwear label andrea crews was the first show I had on thursday, which was located in a church so overall the scenery was impressive. again, both women and men on the show. loved their outerwear version tracksuits, pretty much how I see myself being dressed this winter.

off white. the models were walking on leaves and the whole show was epic (you can stream it on their website!) absolutely love the checkered coat. 

Y/Project. had only men on their catwalk though but I feel like his looks are always versatile. always love his pants. I fell in love with this brand when I was at their women's show last fall in paris. men's equally cool and innovative. 

the rest of the fashion week (more like fashion weekend) I spent at showrooms, most of these are appointment only and someone actually takes the time to show you the pieces and explain their background. although shows are always exiting to go to, if you're actually interested in the clothes for more than just social media pictures, presentations and showroom appointments are so much more helpful.

also loved the palm angels show (in milano) go watch it here: