fresh air

I'm not really the nature seeking type of person. 

the last weeks I traveled back and forth between berlin, hamburg, london, amsterdam and NYC. travelling doesn't usually wear me out, and I also don't normally need nature to recharge. I mean I never seek nature so I wouldn't know. but as I still have one last thing coming up this month concerning my bachelor's degree and I wanted to avoid getting sick at any cost, I decided to have some quiet days in the south of germany.

I didn't want to bore everyone with all of my "look I'm on a mountain!!!!" pictures on IG so I thought I'd just upload some of them here. I went on top of the "zugspitze"at 2962 m above sea level the highest mountain germany has to offer. I've been skiing up there a few times, but getting to see it without snow was incredible. I thought I was on the movie set for a sci-fi shoot. there is literally nothing there but rocks, as trees don't grow that high up. looking back, it actually helped immensely with clearing my head and seeing the bigger picture. so yeah look I'm on a mountain! 

wearing: nasaseasons cap, vintage leather jacket, topshop turtleneck, acne jeans, converse all stars.