I think I just used what must be the worst pun in the history of this website. 


but anyways; here is, very belated, my video about our quick amsterdam get-away. I would say I'm there about once a year and every time I make up plans in my head of how I'll eventually move there and live in one of those magical black and white buildings with the high ceilings by the canals. hasn't worked out so far. but one day. amsterdam is, in my opinion, the prettiest city in europe. it's so intimate in comparison to berlin and the people, even more gorgeous than the city itself, are so unbelievable friendly and helpful that it seems sketchy to a berliner like myself. why is everyone smiling? does no one ever get their bikes stolen? not annoyed by the stoner tourists at all? the dutch don't seem to be bothered by anything. 

we stayed in a beautiful airbnb apartment, saw great art at the stedelijk, amazing photography at foam, ate delicious food and spent too much money at cool concept stores. we had the best time. but like during every stay in amsterdam, after a few days it dawns on me why I don't think I'll ever live there; the beautiful city is actually a bit too small and intimate for me. I always feel a sense of relief coming back to anonymous berlin where people tend to not be so overly friendly and unrealistically good-looking.  

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