48h in london

48h in london.

short trips to european cities are my favourite kind of vacation. those quick getaways from reality where you squeeze in so much to do with so little time. where you do more in the time span of two days than you do in a month at home (or maybe that's just me). the only time where you feel like every minute should be used for something exciting. I'd trade a two week trip to a tropical island for a two day trip to a city with a good friend any time. the beauty of living in europe: london is only a 90 minute long, 30 euro easyjet flight away from where I live.

I tried to capture a few bits and pieces from my point of view. besides birthday videos for friends, this is the first video I ever edited, so please keep that in mind! there were a few times when I wanted to just throw my macbook against the wall because I was getting too frustrated with imovie. I know this isn't your typical traveling vlog, but anything else would just not have been me and I want to keep it authentic. let me know your thoughts, any feedback would be greatly appreciated:) 

london isn't necessarily that exiting for me anymore. I've been there so many times that it feels like my fourth home (after berlin, hamburg and NYC), and I think I want to live there again in the near future.

most people you meet in berlin that have just moved from london like to complain about everything when it comes to the city. too expensive, too crowded, no room for creativity anymore, it's basically over. we all have to move to berlin now. berlin is the new london. while I agree that the rent prices are outrageous, I don't think it's that simple. and from my perspective, berlin being my home and all time favourite city, I think london still has so much more to offer and I absolutely love traveling there.  

places you see in the video: tate modern (old and new building), white cube gallery, street shots mainly taken in shoreditch and hackney, dover street market (the new one), boxpark shoreditch and brick lane as well as several tube stations. 

what I wore in the video: vintage versace leather coat from beacon's closet in brooklyn, black converse via net-a-porter, acne studios jeans, second hand jean jacket from levis via blitzlondon in shoreditch, fishnet tights topshop, leather skirt vintage saks 5th avenue, shirt commes des garçons via dover street market, leather pants from zara, velvet choker from asos, trio bag from celine.