artists you should know: CHRISTO

I think everyone has those few pieces of art that that they'll never forget after seeing them.

for me those were the installations of artist christo. and I haven't even seen them in real life. I was browsing through my dad's bookshelves a few years back and came across a book with a picture of the reichstag in berlin completely wrapped in fabric and aluminum layers. the reichstag in berlin, if you haven't heard of it, is basically where the german parliament meets. one of the most famous buildings in the country. and it was wrapped in fabric. the scale of the installation was huge, and I immediately thought the picture I saw was photoshopped. however, the book was way too old for that. 

so it turns out that wasn't photoshopped, the artist actually wrapped the german reichstag in fabric, 100.000 square meters of fabric that is. 

christo worked together with his wife, jeanne-claude. they created incredible installations, from building literal islands (in florida) to wrapping coasts (yes, coasts!) in australia. when they traveled, they always took separate planes in case one of them crashed, so the other could continue their work. his wife died in 2009, but christo is still working on his unique installations around the world. he is now over 80 years old and just finished working on an installation in italy. 

if you want to see more of his art and read about the processes of his installations, go check out his website, there are also a lot of unrealised projects being showcased that give you ideas about the scale of his work. also follow him on instagram!