selfie - esteem

a moment of silence for all the selfies that didn't make the cut. 

but in all seriousness.

if you have low selfie - esteem, don't be fooled. my camera roll probably looks a lot like yours. nothing ever seems good enough for a social media platform that shouldn't even matter. most girls are not on instagram for fashion, fun or to find a significant other. most of the time is spent looking at pretty girl's feeds, thinking about how perfect their life must be and wondering what they're using on their eyebrows. they look so happy in their perfectly lighted selfie. should I get that lumee phone case that kim k is promoting, too? I don't know what it is about girls but we constantly keep comparing ourselves to each other like we are in some kind of competition. which we shouldn't be. the girls behind the perfect selfie will most likely all tell you the same thing: their life isn't perfect and that bleach white smile is all thanks to apps like facetune. so we are literally comparing ourselves to girls that aren't real, we are trying to look like the girls we see on instagram, while they don't even look anything like their selfies.  

the selfies in my camera roll will most likely all look the same to you. I mean yes, it's all my face. so why do I mostly fing only one out of 30 good enough for instagram?but to me they are not all the same. there's the one where my mouth looks weird, the one where my hair is frizzy and the one where my chin looks way too big. I probably wouldn't even notice these "flaws" if I wouldn't look at other girl's instagram pictures so much. 

I think it's all about embracing your insecurities and embracing the beauty of others instead of being filled with jealousy. because other girl's beauty is most certainly not the absence of your own. and the more you edit your selfies, the less you'll like what you see in the mirror.