when did we start dressing like russian kids in the 2000's?

quick disclaimer: if you're super easily offended (what are you doing on the internet?), this is not meant to be racist in any way. the kids from rural russia in the 2000's are clearly the winners here. 

setting the scene: I was at a birthday party (in berlin) recently, and in the middle of a conversation with someone I looked down at myself and noticed I was wearing my adidas sweatpants. my sweatpants. to a birthday. how did I end up here to think it was cool to wear my tracksuit to a birthday? I look around, and spot a few others wearing the brand with three stripes. is this some kind of sports meeting?

also, why did half of the boys in this room shave their heads? I mean I knew about weird trends like "heroin chic" from the 90's, but this is a whole new level. everyone looks like they've come right out of a gosha rubchinskiy spring/summer 2016 lookbook. and it's not exclusively that certain birthday. you walk around kreuzberg in berlin and you see half of the youth dressed in tracksuits, but no one is going to the gym. pale, skinny boys with shaved heads and covered in what looks like self made tattoos. everyone is wearing polo caps and keeps their change in their fannypack. 

why am I dressing like a 12-year old boy living in rural russia in 2006? wasn't this the kind of style I made the most fun of a few years ago? the kind of pictures that would end up on sites like 9gag? is gosha rubchinskiy to blame? why am a squatting on the ground for my instagram picture? are we are victims of a huge adidas marketing advertising campaign without noticing it? are burberry caps next?

source: http://mvrcvry.tumblr.com/post/138349273222/sassycybr

source: http://mvrcvry.tumblr.com/post/138349273222/sassycybr