hello, it's me

it's been years. I think I saved my domain name about 2 years ago, thinking I was about to launch my "blog" soon after. but I changed my mind on the necessity of even having one a few hundred times.

no one reads blogs anymore. I thought just because I had a lot of followers on social media I have to have a blog, too. I don't even want to have a blog, I would never consider myself being a blogger. I have great respect for fashion bloggers, that's just not what I have in mind for my future. I do consider myself being an online content creator though. and I feel like sometimes I have more to say than just a witty instagram caption; and instagram is just not always the right outlet. I want to get a bit more personal and share more about me, current work projects and inspirations. this is a place where I will answer my most frequently asked questions, because my tumblr inbox is overflowing to say the least, and share a bit more with you than just my fashion. because there are so much more important things to talk about than that. I want to use this platform to talk about current affairs, give advice; both personal and professional. I learn the most about people or different industries through interviews; so I hope to provide you with many articles about life from different perspectives through interviewing other creatives. 

so this is not a blog, this is my website. 

speak soon X