the diamond choker

diamond chokers. I remember them from my childhood; starlets like Rose McGowan wore them on their movie premiers alongside with their strappy silk gowns in the 90s. the 90s have been back for a while now, some even declared that trend dead already, but up until last year I thought diamond chokers were the tackiest of tacky. but I think that's exactly what draws me to them now. the incarnation of tacky for me used to be the brand swarovski (took me about three tries to spell this correctly), I was absolutely horrified by all the glitter and crystals. the brand seems to have noticed that shift in fashion trends, now younger girls buying crystal chokers instead of their old clientele; they recently announced model Karlie Kloss as their brand ambassador. 

source: Nastygal

where to get them? I got a lot of them from amazon! not the usual fashion online shopping destination, I know, but there are a lot of cheap alternatives to the real diamond chokers out there; just type in "crystal choker" in your amazon search bar and you'll find so many good ones for cheap. 

what's next? do you think the tiffany & co heart - necklace is making a comeback? I should still have mine somewhere........

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