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a life update. 

wow. the last post on here was uploaded over a month ago. clearly doing a great job at this blogging thing. summing up everything that’s been going on with me for the past few months would be impossible, but I’ll try and give a little glimpse into what’s been happening lately. in no specific order. 

I have just come back to europe after spending three weeks in south korea, honestly one of the most amazing trips I have ever taken in my life. even though I had to travel a long distance, halfway around the globe, I was welcomed so lovingly that it didn’t even feel exotic. I was lucky enough to travel with one of my best friends, who actually grew up there. I absolutely fell in love with the country and its people and can’t wait to go back there asap. not many people speak english there but the language barrier slowly fades the more soju (korea’s most popular alcoholic beverage) is involved. also I’m pretty certain I gained at least 2 kg while eating the delicious (vegan) food and I don’t think I can buy anyone any christmas presents this year because I spent so much money shopping there so there’s that. but honestly if you get the chance to go to asia, I would choose seoul over HK or singapore ANY time. 

I’m still struggling with (travel) anxiety from time to time (I’ve written a little bit more about that HERE), but really stepped outside my comfort zone with taking a 12 hour flight from seoul to frankfurt by myself. though I still didn’t manage to sleep at all during the flight (even with red wine and sleeping pills), I am very proud of myself for even getting on that plane in the first place. I am not planning on letting my anxiety while flying interfere with my passion for traveling so this was a huge step in the right direction for me.

I’m leaving berlin. I’ve been living in this city for almost 4 years now, which means it’s definitely time for a change. I’ve never been more in love with a place before than I have been with berlin, and I don’t think any city has influenced me more. it was in berlin where I started my social media, where I found some of the most amazing people that I now call my friends and where I think I truly found myself and became who I wanted to be. but after coming back from living in nyc last summer, I slowly just didn’t get as exited anymore to return home. I'm sure I'll be incredibly sad the day I leave my beautiful apartment for the last time, but staying in the same place for a fifth year would absolutely terrify me. berlin turned into my ultimate comfort zone and I just don’t think staying here would get me any further in where I want to be in life.  

that being said..

I’m moving to london in the first week of january. it hasn't really hit me yet because so much has been going on, but I am so exited to be back in the uk. while for some people moving countries and starting all over again seems exhausting, I absolutely love relocating. and because I’ve been spending so much time abroad the last few years I actually sometimes feel more comfortable speaking english than my own mother tongue, german.

I miss nyc terribly. it’s only been three months since my last visit, but my heart aches whenever I watch my friend’s snapchats of their drunk uber rides home and their rooftop views over the city skyline in the morning.

and last but not least, the reason for me to move to london: I got into my dream university. the kind of university that I thought never in my wildest dreams would accept me, especially not for a master’s program. the top of the top. pretty sure this was all a big mistake but I’m just gonna go along with it. I applied in summer, in the midst of writing my bachelor’s thesis, so I took a huge risk on getting a bad grade on my thesis because everything was a bit rushed. and up until my actual interview I thought I wouldn't be able to get in. but in the end I got the best grade for my thesis in my year and got the place offer for the university and realised I spent way too much time worrying. the course starts in january, and that’s when I will reveal where and what I’m studying and talk about the process of getting accepted.

so yes. a few things have been happening, life has been incredibly good to me and the best thing is that I’ve started to be a lot more appreciative of all the good things I have in my life, and being appreciative makes you 100% happier. and the happier I am, the less I get affected my any bullshit that’s surrounding me. very exited for 2017. 

I hope you’re in a good place, too. 



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