90's prada

if you're in the mood for a little throwback inspiration: you're welcome. 

I got a question in my tumblr ask box the other week (yes, I do have a tumblr, but I'm one of those highly annoying people that aren't active for a month and then all of a sudden reblog about 200 pictures) asking if I could only wear one brand from one specific time - which one it would be. not that this scenario is realistic even in the slightest. it's still a fun thought and a question that only took me about 2 seconds to answer: it would be early to mid 90s prada without a doubt.

iconic walk @7:22. and how cool are the soundtracks?

YES @2:55!!!!

watch @2:45 if you want to see naomi and claudia walk past each other. 

need I say more?