your views on paid content

last week I asked my audience on instagram to send me their honest opinions on paid content via direct messages. I took screenshots of my favourite ones to publish them on here. many of you shared the same views so I thought I'd show a few with different perspectives. I think I'm very lucky to have a very educated audience that knows what's going on. the majority of my followers are between the ages of 16 to 26, so I already assumed that there was a general knowledge on paid content. 

I personally have stopped accepting paid content offers in 2014, after I got a bit caught up in the whole process and the app turned from fun into work. however, I don’t judge anyone who is earning money through IG, as long as it’s for products that they would actually buy themselves - but I think it always has to be clearly stated that the content was being paid for. I also don't understand why bloggers would be ashamed of making a living from paid content. sadly, there are little to no rules to these collaborations. 

I would love to have a more open discussion about the topic of paid content - let me know your thoughts!