Where are you from

I was born in hamburg, germany and moved to the UK when I was 16. currently I spend most of my time in berlin. prior I lived in london and new york.


Do you only wear black and white

I think about 99%, yes. I stopped wearing colour when I was about 15, which makes it almost a decade.


How do you edit your pictures

I take my pictures with an iPhone 7 plus. currently, I am back to using the vsco app, A6 is my favourite. I put the graininess and brightness up. on instagram I only change the sharpness.  


What do you study? 

I graduated from central saint martins with a master's degree in fashion journalism. before that I studied communication management in berlin. 

How did you start your instagram

I started uploading when I first moved to berlin, summer of 2013. the username brendahashtag started out as a joke, but out of laziness I just sticked with it.


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